A 3PL (Third Party Logistics) company that aggregates driver-partners for B2B logistics.

Few years ago, the intra-city logistics market in Kathmandu Valley was plagued by inefficiencies and dissatisfaction on both ends of the spectrum - clients and driver-partners. Clients faced problems with vehicle availability, driver behavior, bargaining, delayed deliveries, security, and proper billing. Driver-partners faced issues with a lack of trips to cover their fixed costs, poor treatment from clients, and difficulty in promoting their services.

Enter Upaya City Cargo - an online marketplace that aims to revolutionize the intra-city logistics market. With the belief that Nepal was due for a digital revolution similar to that which India and the United States had experienced, Suman Rayamajhi and his team at Upaya City Cargo set out to create a digitally integrated logistics service that would meet the delivery needs of everyone from ecommerce platforms and corporates to SMEs, retail, and individuals.

With extensive market research and surveys, the team at Upaya City Cargo found the root of the problem - a lack of integration and technology in the market. They decided to solve these inefficiencies by connecting individuals and businesses with their network of pickup driver-partners and incorporating technology to ensure quick and hassle-free deliveries.

Upaya City Cargo adds value to the market by providing their services at the lowest prices compared to the market rates, quickest delivery times, and the most convenient delivery experience with their mobile/tracking technology and VAT billing. In December 2021, Upaya received a USD 1.6 million investment from DIF II, which has enabled the company to expand its services and onboard some of Nepal’s biggest corporations, including Fonepay, Asian Paints, Worldlink, and Unilever. As a result of this investment, Upaya has been able to grow significantly, with average monthly revenue increasing by 180% from FY 2021/22 to FY 2022/23.

Upaya now offers a wide range of services, including intercity Full Truck Load, 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler contractual services, proprietary logistics, and fulfillment. The company has also built a strong network of over 5,500 driver and rider partners, serving more than 50,000 clients with competitive prices and tracking services. With a presence in 32+ districts and 90+ cities across Nepal, Upaya is well on its way to becoming a nationwide logistics leader. Upaya is seeking funding for its next round. This will enable the company to establish warehouses in multiple locations in Nepal, enhancing its network and expanding its offerings to customers.

They have a vision to become the logistics backbone of digital Nepal.  Visit them at citycargo.upaya.com.np

Fund: Dolma Impact Fund II