Develops and delivers AI as a service and machine learning solutions.

Fusemachines Inc is an artificial intelligence solutions and services provider that offers engineers to companies seeking to develop their capabilities in big data, deep learning and machine learning.

Fusemachines sources talented AI engineers within Nepal, trains them using its proprietary training platform and then provides them with employment opportunities. Fusemachines helps identify opportunities within organizations where AI can be best deployed. Its services allow client companies to deploy AI solutions without large initial investment and at lower risk. The majority of Fusemachines clients are based in the USA.

After Dolma's investment in 2018, Fusemachines grew by a CAGR of 36% and has created over 100 new jobs for AI engineers as well as for non-technical employees. Fusemachines has initiated an advanced AI / machine educational programme to further develop the capacity of Nepali engineers and secure quality human capital.

Following the Covid lockdowns, Fusemachines has launched Fuse Classroom, an ed-tech platform to help schools and colleges globally deliver online learning programmes.

76% Employees in

High-Value Roles

31% Female in

Top Management

67% Employees in

Tech Roles


AI/ML Engineers

36% CAGR from

2018 to 2021






Fund: Dolma Impact Fund I

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