A 22 MW ROR hydropower project in Nepal’s Kaski District

Setikhola Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. (SHL) was formed to develop a 22 MW ROR hydropower project in Nepal’s Kaski District. The project makes use of water from the Seti Khola River.

SHL is a run-of-river hydropower project located 15 kilometers from Pokhara in Kaski District. This hydro cluster also includes approximately 20 additional hydropower projects with a combined installed capacity of nearly 1000 MW. The project’s generation license was obtained on 17th December, 2020. The project is expected to generate a total of 133.432 GWh per year, with 90.55 GWh generated during the wet season and 42.87 GWh generated during the dry season. It has a dependable flow of 42 percent of 39.91 m3/sec and a net and gross head of 68 and 63.9 meters, respectively. SHL will be connected to the national grid via a loop-in-loop-out mechanism for power evacuation.

Fund: Dolma Impact Fund II